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Benny Wise Company Profile

Company   Benny Wise Company
President   Kazumi Tanabe
Foundation   2005
Central Office   〒158-0094
Secretariat   〒158-0094
Tel/Fax   Tel 03-5797-9725
Fax 044-812-3830
Kobutsusho-kyokasho   Tokyo public safety commission 303271102623
Description of business   Management of the second hand goods market, support shop management, jewelry reformation, buying precious metals and designer brand goods
Employee   5 (Including part-time employment)
Group company  
Auction Wise Co., Ltd.
Tel/044-813-4339 Fax/044-813-4337
Kanagawa public safety commission 452530005649

Corporate history

1979   Tanabe Kazumi started to hold Flea Market regularly.

Opened a recycle store “Benny Wise” as personal business.

Established “The society of Promotion of Recycle”.

“The society of Promotion of Recycle” was quoted in many newspapers and magazines.

2005   Established Limited private company Benny Wise
2009   Established Auction Wise Co., Ltd.

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