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- Frequently asked questions -

Questions frequently asked by customers.
We are always invite any questions,please feel free to contact us.

I have asked a question but I am not getting a response back.
It usually takes three business days for us to reply to your questions. If you do not hearback from us within three business days, please contact us again.
We do get many error mesages regarding email addresses that do not exist. If you would like to contact us urgently, please call us. Thank you for understanding.
※ It takes maximum of seven days for us to respond your questions in English or Chiniese.
I'm worried whether I can sell or not because its my first time to attend the auction market .
Don't worry. We will help you sell. You can sell from just one item only.
If the item you are selling is a good condition designer brand goods, we recommend you to sell at Shinagawa Brand Goods Auction.
As long as you follow minimum rules,you can definitely buy (or sell) items. If you would like to sellgem stones, precious metalls, jewelries, please sell at Okachimachi Hall (Jewerly Auction.)
We recommend you to sell other mislenious items at Atsugi Hall (Multidiscipline Merchandise Market.) You can come to the auction and sell your items, or we can sell your items for you with no extra charge.
Please let us know your reserve price so we can sell the items as you wish. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
Can more than one person attend the auction?
Yes, more than one person can attend the auction. Although, the seats are limited. We would like to give seats to all of our sellers and buyers. If you would like to attend our auction with large group, please contact us. We appreciate your understanding.
Can I just show up the auction without making a reservation?
No. We have limited amount of seats. We need to organize the merchandise prior to the auction.
For these reasons, we are kindly asking our customers to apply for the attendance each time.
Please apply the attendance via homepage or by FAX(050−3737−4658).
Thank you for your cooperation.

【Members attendance confirmation】→https://jewelry-auction-wise.com/form/member.html
【New members member registration】→https://jewelry-auction-wise.com/form/new.html
Can I apply for the attendance via internet using my mobile?
We have reported that new member application form is not functioning correctly on mobile site. We strongly recomend you to use computer to fill out the form to avoid any errors.
It seems like your homepage is not working.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Some parts of our website are still under construction.
What is "Kobutsushokyokasyo"?
"Kobutsu kyokasho”is a required lisence that is issued by the public safety commission to attend the auction market. Please contact your local police department to check if you need this "Kobutsu kyokasyo", or how to apply.
【Example website, Tokyo Safety Department】
Official Police Site https://www.keishicho.metro.tokyo.jp/

【How to get the information】
1.Go to Ministry of Police main page

2.Click the top right "Tetsuzuki, Soudan"(Procedure,Consultation)

3.Click the bottom left, "Kakusyu Shinsei"(Application forms), then"Kobutsu Eigyo" (Used merchandise dealing lisence).

There are lots of detailed information about the Kobutsu Kyokasyo.
Can anyone attend the auction market that Benny Wise runs? How can I attend?
If you are already a member, you do not need to pay one−time membership fee again.
If you are a new member, agreeing to the membership terms is a prerequisite.
Anyone who has the proper license,“kobutsu kyokasho”, issued by the public safety commission can attend the auction market. To attend complete the registration forms. You need to follow our policy and terms.
How much is the registration fee,attendance fee, selling and buying fee?
Please refer to this page. https://en.jewelry-auction-wise.com/ichiba.html

【New membership fee】
There is no additional membership fee to attend Multidiscipline Merchandise Market.
There is one time new membership fee for Brand Goods Auction and/or Jewelry Auction. There is no annual membership fee.
Can I buy items in large numbers?
Please contact us prior to the auction so we can make some arrangements for you.

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