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Auction Wise Authentication Seminar

We accept anyone who is a beginner in the jewelry goods industry.
There was a high demand to offer this Authentication Seminar for beginners and for training new employees of experienced companies.

We offer the Jewelry
Authentication Seminar at a low price to contribute to the fight against counterfeit goods.
The advantage of Auction Wise's Authentication Seminar over others
☆Small Group
We only accept six people in one seminar.
You can ask questions directly to our professional authenticator.
☆Trained and Professional Authenticator
Professional and well trained authenticators/jewelers are going to teach you at our Jewelry Authentication Seminar. You can ask your questions directly and get the answers right away. The authenticators/jewelers are also attending our jewelry auctions. You can learn from them during the actual auction time.
☆Low Cost
Our Authentication Seminar fee is set very low even though the seminar is for small

Auction Wise Authentication Seminar

Seminar Overview

84000 yen for 1 person From 2nd person 52500 yen each. (Includes Lunch and Drink)
Content of the Seminar
Basic authentication for gemstones and precious metals.
How to Pay
We are asking our customers to pay prior to the seminar.
※We are going to contact you with detail information after applying.
How to Apply
Please apply through the application form below

Seminar Overview

We show you the basic methods and procedures for appraising the precious metals such as gold and platinum so you can start buying from others.
We accept anyone who is a beginner in the jewelry goods industry.

You will learn how to spot counterfeits.

We will show you how to calculate the price
of diamonds.

Please feel free to ask any questions to our trainers.

Please contact us if you have any questions
about this seminar.

E-mail us
Closed on every Tuesday and Thursday.)

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