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Auction Market Outline

Auction Wise Jewelry Market

Venue   859, Niihacho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 223-0057,Japan
Scheduled dates   Monthly scheduled 3rd Tuesday. Auction schedule may be subject to change.
Please check the official "Auction Schedule" on the website or contact us in advance to confirm.
Time   Time: Reception from 10:00 / Lot inspection:13:00 / The jewelry auction will start after the brand auction ends.
Auction Entry Fee   ¥2,000 and is payable on every day you attend the auction.
Membership Fee   One-time fee of ¥30,000.
Premium Charge   Buyer : 8% for one item less than 500,000 yen. (Consumption tax is required separately.)5% for 1 product over 500,000 yen. (Consumption tax is required separately.) / Seller : Product is 0%.bullion is 2% (consumption tax required).
Auction House Credentials   Secondhand Goods Dealer License Number 452530005649 registered with Kanagawa public safety commission.
Operation   Auction Wise Company
Category of products  
(Targeted merchandise:New or Used)
<Precious metals, gem stones, jewelries>
Precious metals such as gold and platinum Gem stones such as diamond,emerald,
ruby and pearls. Designer brand jewelries and non-designer brand jewelries.

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