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For new members

This is Auction Wise!

Auction Wise is specialized in the pre-owned goods market. Our Jewerly Market is run by Benny Wise.Co.Ltd, which is the parent company that runs Auction Wise.
You may have the wrong impression that the pre-owned goods market is exclusive and that you need lots of experience to participate.
Auction Wise's motto is "Make things easy and welcome everyone." We are known for having a cheerful atmosphere filled with friendly people and providing a comfortable environment for women.

For new members

Eligibility for participation

You need 「古物商許可証」”Kobutsusho-kyokasho”, Used Goods Dealer Permit, issued public safety commission. Please check the“New member registration procedure page”for details.

※Please contact the police office that administers your area about the "Kobutsusho-kyokasho” Used Goods Dealer Permit.

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